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Best of the Best, Personal Training in Mid-Coast Maine, 2009 - 2014!

Stephanie Williams

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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Stephanie Williams Personal Training
535 West Street
Rockport, ME. 04856
P. 207.542.1514


My philosophy is simple...MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

Movement should be incorporated into one's daily lifestyle. As your trainer, I will assess your needs and desires then in turn provide a fitness program that will help to meet your goals. I believe that functional training is the way of life. Meaning that you can train your core through individual exercises for each muscle group. Therefore, I strongly believe that the best way to train your core is to mimic the movements that we use everyday...the best way is the functional way.

I will provide you with a program that touches on all of the important components of exercise: Muscular strength, Cardiovascular strength, flexibility & balance.

Nutrition is another important component that is at times overlooked. This factor is just as crucial as exercise itself. Without a well balanced diet, you're wasting your time.

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Stephanie Williams Personal Training
P. 207.542.1514

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Stephanie Williams Classes

Stephanie Williams offers a number of group exercise classes Monday - Saturday. Each class offers something for everyone.

Classes are $15 to drop in or get a punch card, 10 classes for $120. Classes are held at MRC in Rockport or Mid-Coast Gym in Rockland.

M-Sat | Drop-in $15 or $120 for 10

  • Mon @ 415pm : Circuit Training @ MCG

  • Tues @ 6am : SWEAT! @ MCG

  • Tues @ 730am : Bootcamp @ MCG

  • Wed @ 10am : SWEAT! @ MRC

  • Wed @ 5pm : SWEAT! @ MRC

  • Thurs @ 6am : SWEAT! @ MCG

  • Thurs @ 730am : Bootcamp @ MCG

  • Thurs @ 415pm : Beg. Bootcamp @ MCG

  • Sat @ 7am : SWEAT! @ MCG

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Stephanie Williams Personal Training
P. 207.542.1514

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"I started working with Stephanie in September 2011 when I was very out of shape from about five years of not exercising. I had 150 pounds on my 5’ 4” petite frame – the most I’ve ever weighed in my life. I had also recently been diagnosed with asthma. What felt like a huge uphill battle, Stephanie immediately made positive change so possible. After our first meeting I was inspired and hopeful.

We met once a week for several months before we took a short break. By March of 2012, I was down to 130 pounds. We picked back up with our weekly sessions and, along with following a much healthier diet, I was able to reach and surpass my ultimate goal of 125 pounds. Today, I weigh a healthy and muscular 118 pounds!

Thanks to Stephanie, I have my body back. What a great feeling!

Stephanie has a unique blend of intelligence, experience, commitment, compassion, and creativity. Sessions with Stephanie balance humor and hard work. She knows when to make you laugh and when to crack the whip to get you moving. She’s the sweetest taskmaster you’ll ever know. Stephanie pays close attention to each of her clients in order to customize exercise programs and meet expected goals.

It was always clear to me that I was working with someone who truly loves what she does for a living. Stephanie is a natural at this kind of work, and I recommend her highly. "

Michelle, Rockland

"I have known Stephanie since she started a physical fitness program for the Rockland Fire Department. She leads our exercise classes with groups of two to eight and manages to give us all a good workout. At the same time she is able to keep track of our varied physical abilities and needs. She does a great job and inspires us to work hard. Thanks, Stephanie!"

Alan Athearn

"Stephanie’s approach is what makes her a fantastic trainer. Instead of being one of the masses, Stephanie is able to make each client feel like they are the only person she is working with that day.

By getting to know you, your lifestyle and goals, Stephanie can tailor each program she writes for you to the “T”.

When you work with Steph, you can tell your goals are her goals too and she will push you, support you and cheer you on until you reach them.

She is friendly, enthusiastic, caring and extremely attentive - that’s a rarity these days anywhere!"

Fletcher Smith Hall

"Six years of personal training with Stephanie and I still look forward to the next training session. Steph makes each circuit or stationary workout a personal physical challenge that is attainable and yet stretches my ability to newer levels. I am impressed with her dedication, constant observation of client technique and form but what really keeps me motivated to continue each week's workouts is Stephanie's great attitude and sincere positive encouragement. Whenever I have those days that I just don't want to move I know that she has made the commitment to me so I put a smile and fresh T-shirt on and head to the MCG!"

Russell Wolfertz, Jr.

"I have been taking Stephanie’s classes for almost 5 years. In every class she is supportive, positive & challenging. It’s comforting to see she is aware of each person’s strengths, weaknesses & abilities & manages to make sure we work to our differing levels and still have fun. It always amazes me when I see her at the gym outside of class she will stop to check on what I’m doing, how I’m doing it…and usually will up my speed, or increase my weight to remind me of the goal! It’s a comforting feeling knowing she takes her commitment to us as seriously as she takes her takes her job of teaching classes & training. Come & join us and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Many thanks Steph!"


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Stephanie Williams Personal Training
P. 207.542.1514

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Stephanie Williams Personal Training
P. 207.542.1514

send an email to Stephanie

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